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Book Review:

Exploring Scrying: How to Divine The Future and Make the Most of it

by Ambrose Hawk, New Page Books

Reviewed by Travis Meeks


"Prophets, seers, seeing the future, communing with angels," are just a few of the topics that author Ambrose Hawk touches on in his book "Exploring Scrying: How to Divine The Future and Make the Most of it." The book is a fascinating read that covers a great deal of ground about the subject of scrying which Hawk defines as " .......the perception of visual images by a 'seer' or 'scryer' which seems to arise spontaneously in a speculum - a crystal ball, bowl of liquid- from which images are not visible therein."


Artwork by Nightwynd

The author goes through a step by step process with chapters and subchapters that clearly outline terms, talk about theory, and indeed point out safety precautions and ways of developing skills which the author contends in quite convincing fashion can be learned by everyone. What is truly excellent about this work is that it covers not only so much ground but looks at complimentary practices to aid the individual learning scrying techniques, to include meditation and self hypnosis techniques. In addition Ambrose Hawk looks at the practical side of buying crystal balls or other items and their costs and the differences between materials such as quartz and glass. The book takes a look at the core of practical application and a great deal of theory while assisting the reader in learning:

"What scrying is, the advantages of it, and how it works."
" How to prepare yourself for the skill of scrying with numerous exercises that enhance the faculties and sensitivities involved in scrying."
"Basic techniques for scrying."
" How to create an atmosphere to develop your skill."
"How to use the skill of scrying for self analysis, self improvements, communing with angels and much more."

One of the most compelling qualities of the book is the authors wonderful blend of spirituality from a variety of different perspectives. The author is one of the founding members of the Cor Aureum Project "which sought to evaluate 'magickal' practices as alternatives that could be employed by traditional Christians. " The authors diverse background includes Cherokee medicine taught through his father as well as other types of mysticism. In addition Mr. Hawk studied for four years at the Pontifical Institute at the Catholic University of America. It is this intriguing combination that brings us such insightful quotes in the book as the following:

"It may be that we shall receive no vision or message from the Great Spirit the first time that we 'lament' ; yet we may try many times, for we should remember that, 'Wakan-Tanka' is anxious to aid those who seek him with a pure heart. But of course much depends on the nature of the person who cries for a vision, and to the degree he has purified and prepared himself."

Most importantly the book provides a survey of different schools of thought and subscribe to no on theoretical dogma. In point of fact Mr. Hawk clearly points out that "Technique is not theology." The author ranges from mentioning such famed historical figures as Dr. John Dee, Court Astrologer for Queen Elizabeth I, to more current experiments by the CIA in remote viewing. Because he covers so much ground in the book, it serves to carry the reader forward with many references for in depth research into the subject. The book nicely provides a detailed bibliography and index for easy use.


"Exploring Scrying" takes a look at some many different facets of the field that is it truly an amazing work compacted into 162 pages. There are many sections of chapters that discuss psychology and meditation, as well as looking at some neural factors that might be involved depending on an individual practices. Many of the visualizations and practical exercises can provide the reader with skills in related disciplines to help them with many challenges within their lives. The book takes the high road of looking not just at the practical skills but also at the higher calling of improving a persons life. It provides for the personal growth techniques in peoples lives. It is this unique tapestry of the practical and the theoretical, the spiritual and the mystical, that makes this book not only a wonderful read but a good reference for some positive practices in daily life.

(Note: For more information other articles by Ambrose Hawk can be found at where the author is an assistant researcher on ways to combine the Christian path with emerging Earth Spirituality.)


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