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On The Lighter Side:
Angels and More

Travis Meeks

Fact is many times stranger than fiction and a quick review of the book the "Physics of Angels" by Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake ( Espicopal clergyman and scientist respectively) provides many interesting insights into that concept. This will not be a regular book review. Instead it will briefly take out some of the thoughts in the book to challenge your mind as food for thought, and perhaps to tickle your fancy. The format is light, and is intended for some quick reading, to provide our readers with something quick and easy to glimpse through in contrast to some of the deeper articles presented.

  • Medieval astrologers and early mystics and writers including Dionysius the Areopagite discussed the concept of angels and of angelic hierarchies. In this school of thought even the planets were thought to have archangelic intelligences ruling them. Now we find that scientists theoretically can equate the electrical impulses in our brains with the electrical activities in the Sun. Is Sol, our very own solar systems star Intelligent? Were the mystics and magi of that time right? Definitely something on having to do with light.

  • The concept that angels are messengers of light is explored in the book when looking at the writings of the Angelic Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church St. Thomas Aquinas, author of the famed Summa Theologica. The authors of the Physics of Angels juxtapose the idea that if angels are beings of light, then they would travel outside time in accordance with Einsteins theory of relativity. Both authors of the "Physics of Angels" indicate that the description of angels in one sense matches the description of photons. Fascinating theory. Angels of light traveling at the speed of light. Outside time.

  • In "Psychology Today June 2001 Issue" there is an exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama about the similarities between analytic meditation and modern cognitive therapy. The article points out the benefits of this type of meditation, and we have to reflect upon the benefits of meditation by mystics from various schools of thought for millenium. The article also points out that analytic meditation can play a role in not only assessing and helping us work with our needs (the article discusses anger management), but also can be used in a manner similar to positive psychology. Positive psychology "focuses on developing positive states of mind and is gaining popularity in the 21st century" states the "Psychology Today June 2001" article "The Mindful Monk" by Howard C. Cutler MD.

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